Spotclean Ltd – Service Terms

  1. Introduction

1.1 These Terms and Conditions are for Cleaning Service agreement between Spotclean Ltd, 50 Cambridge Road, Barking IG11 8FG and Our Service Users/Customer.

1.2. Unless the context requires otherwise, reference to the singular include the plural and references to the masculine include the feminine and vice versa.

1.3. The Headings contained in these Terms are for convenience only and do not affect their interpretation.

  1. Definitions

2.1 The following definitions shall apply to these Service Terms and Conditions:

  • ‘The Company’, ‘We’, ‘Us’ ‘Our’ means Spotclean Ltd.
  • ‘Cleaner’, ‘Service Provider’ means the Person or Firm carrying out cleaning or facilities maintenance services to Customers on behalf of Spotclean Ltd.
  • ‘Customer’ means Person, Family, Firm, Company, Corporate body, or association to whom Spotclean and its sub-contractors supply services to.
  • ‘Service’ means cleaning services, facilities management and other Spotclean Ltd services carried out by us and or specialised Sub-contractors to meet the request of a customer on behalf of Spotclean Ltd.
  • ‘Service Address’ means exact location of the property or office or premises to clean or maintain by Spotclean Ltd.
  • Our website means Spotclean Ltd website,
  • Our email means
  • FAQs means Frequently Asked Questions located on Spotclean Ltd website FAQ page.
  1. Terms and Conditions of service Contract

3.1 Our Terms and Conditions ultimately spell out our commitment to meeting Customer’s needs, as well as our expectation from our Customer. By engaging our services, our customer has agreed to these service terms. As a valued customer, please feel free to raise any concerns that you may have, and we will be happy to provide clarification(s).

3.2 Spotclean is a Cleaning Service Company that allocates Cleaners to Customer’s premises to carry out cleaning services on our behalf to ensure that they live and work in a clean and hygienic environment.  

3.3 Spotclean agrees to supply or provide vetted, experienced, reliable, and trustworthy Service Providers to carry out Domestic and Commercial cleaning services to our customers.

3.4 The customer agrees to ensure that all the required cleaning materials are in stock, safe, and available for use by our Cleaners, unless otherwise agreed that we provide cleaning materials. Spotclean does not provide equipment for routine premises cleaning for hygiene reasons except for Deep cleans/one-off cleans.

3.5 The customer agrees to remove all valuables and keep in a safe place as Spotclean will not be liable for any loss or damage of valuables or appliances.

3.6 Unless otherwise agreed in writing and approved by Spotclean Management, these terms and Conditions shall supersede any other terms of service put forward by the Customer.

3.7 These Terms and Conditions are governed by the relevant United Kingdom Law, and Customer agreeing to be bound by them means that the Customer agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant courts of the United Kingdom.

  1. Service Contract, Charges and Payment

4.1 Spotclean shall advise our Customer an agreed fee as labour charge for our services. The service charges shall be verbally agreed or/and by text, or/and documented and emailed to the customer.

4.2 Customer agrees that our routine or regular cleaning service contract is for a minimum contract period of 12months. After this, 3 months’ notice is required for cancellation. As for one-off cleans, 48 hours’ notice is required for cancellation.

4.3 Spotclean shall send Invoices to our Customer electronically at the end of each week or every 2 weeks or as applicable. Payments for regular or routine services are by direct collection mandate by GoCardless. Request to complete the mandate form shall accompany the first invoice to the customer or their representative. Payment will be collected within 2-7days from the date shown on the invoice. However, Customer is free to make payments manually on receipt of invoice and bill is payable within 48 hours.

4.4 One-off customers are expected to remit full invoiced amount into Spotclean’s bank account within 24 hours by the due date shown on the invoice. Please note that Late Payments shall be charged at a rate of 20% of invoice amount after 7days from due date.

4.5  Should there be a dispute regarding the invoice and a 3rd party intervenes, the customer agrees to pay any charges that Spotclean Ltd may incur should a 3rd party debt recovery company or Small Claim Court be employed to recover any outstanding bill.

  1. Cleaning Materials and Cleaning Equipment

5.1 For our regular cleaning visits, list of materials shall be emailed to our customer, and they shall ensure that all the cleaning materials required for the cleaning are in stock, ready, and safe to use. For hygiene reasons and to prevent infection, our customer agrees to provide, steam mop or mop/bucket, vacuum cleaner (Henry brand recommended), sweeping brushes and other equipment that may be required. 

5.2 If customer cannot supply cleaning materials, Spotclean shall provide them at an extra charge that shall be included in our service charge and agreed with the customer. Customer will still have to provide the equipment for Cleaner’s use. 

5.3 For Health and Safety reasons, the customer agrees to bring to the attention of both the Cleaner and Spotclean of any home or office appliance(s) that are poorly fixed, not in good working condition, delicate, broken and with electrical fault. Customer’s cleaning equipment must be safe, easy to operate, not heavy, in good working condition and must not require any special skills or expertise to perform the purpose of cleaning.

5.4 The customer agrees to show the Cleaner of any specific surfaces or places which need special care, and need to be treated using specific or special cleaning material and style of cleaning. This has to be made clear to us as Spotclean Ltd will not be liable for any damages unless proven to be due to our negligence.

  1. Cancellation of Scheduled Cleaning Service

 6.1   Spotclean opens for work from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 9pm.  

6.2   Should you wish to cancel a routine service, Spotclean shall require a minimum of 3 months’ notice by email to to round up routine cleaning services. Clause 4.2 above refers. Failure to give a notice will be interpreted as cleaning schedule continues as normal, hence the Customer will continue to be invoiced as usual.

6.3  For one-off cleans, customer agrees that he/she cannot stop a service while operatives are on their premises. Spotclean Supervisor/Manager in charge of the project must be informed immediately. Should there be an urgent concern or dispute regarding the service, or if related to health and safety concerns, Spotclean must be contacted by phone to our emergency mobile 07940213394, and email

6.4 Customer will be required to make full payment should they stop a service or an ongoing cleaning without no reasonable reason, and  Spotclean is not informed by text, phone, or email prior to customer’s action. Any such action will be seen as fraudulent, and full invoice amount will be issued to the customer to demand for payment.



  1. Employment of Spotclean Allocated Cleaners’ policy

7.1 Please note that our Customers are not permitted to employ a Cleaner that Spotclean has scheduled to provide regular or one-off cleaning services to them. The Customer shall be liable for a fee of £500 payable immediately. The Customer automatically agrees to pay this fee whether Spotclean is notified of this action or not, as a breach of trust and these terms by the Customer. The Customer also agrees to pay any fees, including but not limited to legal and/or collection fees we may incur to recover unauthorised engagement fees.

  1. Public Liability

8.1 Spotclean understands that accidents do happen. If our Cleaner damages or breaks an item while providing a cleaning service, please follow the following steps:

  • Resolve with the Cleaner: You or anyone on site should raise the issue with the assigned Cleaner if minor before he/she leaves your premises.
  • Spotclean Ltd: After you have applied 8.1.1 above and unable to resolve the matter then please contact us on 02071831955 or email us. Please it is important that the matter is raised with the cleaner to enable us to ascertain the authenticity of the incident. We shall do all that we can to resolve the matter amicably.
  • As a last resort, we may have to contact our insurance provider for a claim if the damage you have incurred is within the scope of our Public Liability insurance. We will assist you to process the claim. This will however only be applied to a claim of over £3000, and the customer will have to pay a minimum excess of £500. We cannot guarantee that the claim will be successful as this will be determined by the insurance company.
  • Item 8 does not apply to Inefficient, defective, worn, or ineffective cleaning equipment, for example vacuum cleaners. This will be brought to customer’s attention for replacement.

Please Note:   Spotclean Ltd will not be liable for any damages to your property or equipment in your home/premises as customers are ultimately responsible. We advise our customer to please protect their property and equipment from any form of accidental damage with an appropriate accidental damage insurance.  

  1. Customer Complaint

9.1 Spotclean Ltd values all our customers. Please the Customer agrees that complaints must be reported within 24 hours of the Customer’s concern. The Customer agrees to contact us by email to or Telephone/Fax 02071831955 or Mobile 07940213394. 

9.2 Customer agrees and understands that Spotclean Ltd will investigate the complaint and attempt to resolve it to the satisfaction of our customer or to Spotclean’s acceptable and reasonable standard having taken all reasonable care to ensure that the interest of our Customer comes first and is adequately protected.

9.3 Should our Customer not be satisfied with the quality of service provided, they shall agree to allow the Cleaner or a replacement Cleaner back to re-clean the premises or inspect the cause of the dispute. The Customer or a representative should be present during this process.

9.4 Spotclean shall not pay cash refund to a Customer. Only a reward of cleaning period shall be agreed between the Customer and Spotclean to cover a cost which has been adequately proven beyond any reasonable doubt. The maximum of one 1 free cleaning period will be arranged as compensation and this will be at the discretion of Management.

9.5 Spotclean will not entertain any claim made by a Customer who has an outstanding bill of more than 5 days to settle.

9.6 Any attempt to commit insurance fraud, fraud motive or claim or any misuse of information to commit fraud will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, which may result in the Customer paying Spotclean monetary compensation as well as legal fees.

9.7 At Spotclean, we shall endeavour to keep house keys safe. However, if we lose a key Spotclean shall agree to be responsible for the cost of replacement on our customer’s demand. Key liability limit of £20 per service location may apply. This will be used to cut a new key for use.

9.8  The Cleaner always aims to be on time to the customer’s address, but delays may sometimes be due to transportation problems, diversions and other matters which may be beyond Spotclean Ltd’s and Cleaner’s control. Customer agrees that we may reschedule a clean affected by such delays.

10  Spotclean Ltd shall not be liable under any circumstance for any damage, expense, loss, or any form of compensation, whether direct, indirect, or consequential, which may be suffered or incurred by the Customer due to the following:

10.1 Customer equipment being faulty, not working properly or not suitable to enable the Cleaner to perform   the cleaning tasks to the right standard.

10.2        The Cleaner could not complete the cleaning task due to insufficient or lack of suitable cleaning materials, lack of hot water and lack of electricity or inadequate illumination.

10.3        Visitors or other third party entering or present during the cleaning process.

10.4        An existing damage to Customer’s property in form of spillages, stains, torn fabric, burns which cannot be cleaned or removed by cleaning.



  1. General Terms .

11.1 Spotclean Ltd reserves the right to amend, update and make changes to these Service Terms and Conditions without any prior notice.

 11.2  Spotclean reserves the right to refuse disclosure of the details of our company confidential documents

11.3   Spotclean will not be liable for any statement that the Customer or anyone deems to be a misrepresentation, not clear or ambiguous in these Service Terms and Conditions. We expressly exclude Spotclean Ltd from all liability, loss, or damages indirectly or directly from such claim.


11.4   Finally, Customers are advised to please visit our website at for more information about our services, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Data Protection and Privacy policies and many more.

  1. Some Recommended Cleaning Supplies
  • The Customer shall supply the following recommended cleaning materials and equipment (as applicable):
  • Kitchen and Oven Spray cleaner, Bathroom and Toilet spray cleaner, Lime scale removal, Glass/window cleaner, Floor cleaner depending on the surface ( example, wood or tile floor cleaner), Suitable spray /polish for dusting surfaces, Sponges, antibacterial Wipes, soft and micro-fibre clothes for cleaning glass and delicate surfaces, Neutradol and ZoFlora disinfectant.
  • Vacuum cleaner and steam mop or mop/bucket and other bulky equipment must be provided by Customer as Cleaners will not be able to carry them on every visit.

Thank You for Choosing Us. We appreciate the privilege to provide you and your organisation with our high-quality cleaning services.


Spotclean Ltd Management

14 August 2021