Clean As you go tips

Maintaining a clean home before your cleaner’s next visit is important. This can be an enjoyable exercise if you adopt a Clean As You Go system.
• Divide your house into high and low hygiene risk zones.
• Organise your cleaning equipment and materials into separate containers for the zones.
• Clean lounge first and disinfect all surfaces including door handles, handrails etc.
• Clean spillages immediately as these may cause slips or breed bacterial over time.
• Ensure that your kitchen worktop surfaces are normally left dry after use. Station a clean microfibre cloth around for wiping
• Place wet napkins/microfibre clothes straight into washing machine after use.
• Disinfect all surfaces with appropriate sanitisers for domestic use.
• Bathroom and toilets must be cleaned last to not spread microorganisms to other areas.
• Quick clean of bathroom/toilet surfaces with specific disinfectants and use antibacterial wipes as appropriate (Do not flush wipes in toilets to avoid blockage).
• Vacuum the whole house as appropriate. Steam mopping with disinfectant is recommended.
Please contact us for your regular daily or weekly cleans, and we will provide you with a spotless cleaning service.