The Room by room cleaning

Example: Bedroom Cleaning
Maintaining a clean home before your cleaner’s next visit is important. A clean and free of clutter bedroom is advisable. You have to have a welcoming and relaxing bedroom environment. Few tips on how to achieve this:
• Tidy up the whole room by folding away clothes and removing objects lying around.
• Instal a wardrobe to store excess clothes and put in hangers as drawers may not be enough and also to help accessibility.
• Change beddings as applicable and make beds as you get off.
• Disinfect and wipe all surfaces including exterior of cupboards, wardrobes, mirrors, and other fittings.
• Wipe room windows and ensure they are clear and streak free – Window cleaner is recommended.
• Wipe doors and disinfect door handles.
• Vacuum the room deeply and steam mop the floors.
• Wipe skirting boards as they do hold insects and dust.
• Remove cobwebs as they house spiders.
Please contact us for your regular daily or weekly cleans, and we will provide you with a spotless cleaning service.

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